MODERZA company has been in business management for over 20 years. We know firsthand, and on our own experience, that for the success of a business, its owner most often pays the most expensive that he has — his time.

Why we?

  1. We manage really successful businesses in Ukraine and abroad.
  2. We have the necessary experience, knowledge, and expertise of system management, without which there can be no successful scaling of any business.
  3. We could do it for ourselves, we can do it for you.

And where does your time go?


Tasks, projects, deadlines, results, effectiveness. Meetings with customers, partners, suppliers. You are bogged down in the routine of business and nothing happens here without you.


Meetings, appointments, interviews. Performance, outcome, competencies, and qualifications. The endless search for talents, like-minded people, strong players. You have a team, but you are responsible for everything, and you work not less, but more than those who came to work for you.

The battle for the customer (or just marketing)

Market, trends, customer desires, competition. New ideas, brands, products. CRM, SMM, SEO, UGC, YOUTUBE, targeting, conversion, reach, likes. You are the chief marketer of your company, you are busy with creativity and promotion, and at this time, minutes of life flow away like sand in a watch.


Budgets, reports, loans, investments. KPI, BI-systems, profit, and balance. You spend an infinite amount of time keeping control of finances because it is the health of your business. And your own health has become a bargaining chip in the pursuit of financial results.


Where to move and how to grow? At the expense of your money — slowly and safely, or take a chance and get involved in a big game? In general, to grow or to develop? And can save what is and don't twitch? You cannot relax for a minute and forget that you are responsible for the future of your company and the people who believe in you.

Sometimes you don’t even understand what’s going on in the business, where is the money, where does everything go and why do you need it.

Your favorite business turns into a swamp in which you sink. And there is not a single branch that you can grab onto.

And do you still remember what you dreamed about?

4 steps to your dream

1. Diagnostics

We study the current situation, talk with the management, study the available reporting and give our independent expert opinion on the current state of the company from the inside and on the market. You will see your business and its prospects with different eyes, like in a mirror, without illusions and self-deception. And you will decide where to go next. To learn more

Diagnostics is an obligatory part of any management services package, which is carried out once for familiarization and to diagnose business AS IS.

The goal is to determine the current state of the company from the inside and the market. To penetrate and deeply understand the context of a particular company and get a systematic look at its processes.

We leave for the place and within a few days we collect information about the current state of the entire system:

  1. We interview employees and managers, collect all available analytics and reporting.
  2. We receive information about the case from the owner/management.
  3. We study the existing strategies, policies, regulations, processes, key business indicators in terms of compliance with planned KPI and market metrics.
  4. We make an assessment of the business model, maturity of BP, the state of technical and IT systems.
  5. We delve into the market context, the specifics, and characteristics of the company, growth dynamics, stage of the life cycle, organizational structure.

Result: the owner receives an analytical note on the state of the company and the degree of maturity of all business processes according to the CMMI method.

At this stage, we do not give any recommendations or analyze the causes of existing problems. We fix the initial state and proceed to work on any of the selected packages: Expert Council, Strategic Management, Operational Management.

2. Expert Council

According to the results of diagnostics with an understanding of the business context, you will get solutions calibrated by our experience, mistakes, and expertise, and you will not need to spend your really expensive time on this. You will choose the best of these decisions, and we will help, advise, recommend, study reporting, strategies, giving the assessment of business indicators and decisions of your TOP management. So that you get more time for life without losing control and effectiveness. To learn more

Expert Council — we help the owner to "keep abreast" of his business and make the best decisions.

The goal is to provide the owner with alternatives for making quality decisions with an assessment of the possible results and consequences, with an understanding of the context and problems of the business.

  1. According to the results of the initial audit when entering the Expert Council package and in the process of further operational/strategic activities of the company:
  • we provide a list of possible causes of the problem — our hypotheses
  • we evaluate the initiatives and decisions that the company management offers and implements
  • we provide the owner with our vision of solving problems, at least 3 alternatives, with comments on the order of resource costs and potential effectiveness
  • we provide supporting materials, recommended literature, analysis of similar cases
  1. In an agreed mode, we advise the owner in all strategic areas — OS, finance, marketing, HR.
  2. We represent the interests of the owner at reporting meetings with management.
  3. We give an assessment of the periodic (monthly, quarterly, annual) business performance indicators and the effectiveness of the company's top management.
  4. According to the current cases of the company: we list all possible reasons, give advice on what to do, whom to contact, what to read. After the next round - we evaluate and adjust or offer alternatives.

Result: the owner has all the information for making decisions with an understanding of the alternatives and consequences, he has full responsibility for their adoption and implementation.

3. Strategic management.

If you want more time, we are ready to move on. We will agree (or develop as part of a separate project) a business strategy, strategic initiatives for its implementation and synchronize them with TOP management. We will coordinate the work of the business, monitor the implementation of tasks and initiatives and guarantee the preservation of the effectiveness and profitability of your life’s business. And you will become even freer, while your business will reach the set KPI. To learn more

The goal is, together with the owner and business team, to implement the company's strategy with the effective achievement of the goals.

  1. Based on the initial audit and several strategic sessions, we coordinate with the owner and management of the company a short-term strategy (6 months-1 year) based on a long-term strategy (3-5 years) available in the company. In the absence of a formulated long-term strategy, we help with its development as part of a separate project.
  2. We develop and coordinate strategic initiatives with the owner, synchronize with the management in each of the strategic areas — finance, processes, marketing, HR. Tool — strategy/balanced scorecard, KPI’s set.
  3. We set strategic goals with agreed KPI’s, decompose into tasks — create an ACTION PLAN.
  4. We define the main Project manager (usually the manager or director). Then we carry out his training in all strategic areas, as well as neural management, systemic thinking, effective communication. We provide educational materials, literature, video content.
  5. We provide process consulting to the Project manager in achieving strategic goals in an agreed mode.
  6. Based on the results of the period (month, quarter, year), we hold meetings with the top management of the company and, as a result, provide information to the owner on the achievement of goals in the form of reports on strategic directions with KPI’s results, analysis of the reasons for deviations, possible adjustments to goals, indicators.

The result — coordinated and digitized actions lead the team to achieve its goals.

4. Operational management.

Almost 100% of the time for life. We give you the opportunity to spend your time on anything except a business that, under our full management, will achieve agreed goals and results, will become more efficient and profitable. And do not forget — once a year you can't skip agreeing of the goals and budgets for the next period, but we do not promise 100% freedom.  To learn more

The goal is to implement complete business management, achieve agreed goals and results.

  1. We coordinate (or develop as part of a separate project) the company's strategy and goals/KPI's for 3-5 years.
  2. We carry out full business management with the provision on an ongoing basis of the information, business indicators in the BI system, the achievement of agreed goals and KPI’s.
  3. We are jointly and severally liable for the result.