Projects of Moderza

Qualification of LuxCarte is confirmed by the projects: Terem, La More, Dubrovsky, Opera.


Terem Restaurant was located in the center of Kharkov, near the largest square of Europe. The building's exterior was directly identified with its name — the building was built like an old Russian house, in the best traditions of those times.

A special synthesis of interior solutions was embodied in a combination of bohemian and home comfort. The color scheme of interior decoration was very rich — the emphasis was on burgundy-red-brown tones. The interior was made in the style of art deco of the early 20th century — soft armchairs and sofas, yellow flowers, carved wooden tables, modern paintings, antique decor and antique tapestries. Enhanced by electrical details, the style of the establishment at the same time was completely devoid of pathos — everything was selected very subtly and skillfully.

The menu of the restaurant presented dishes of European, Japanese, Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, as well as author's dishes from the chef.


Up to September 1, 2014, LuxCarte fulfilled the Start Up project “Restaurant-resort Dubrovsky”

РRestaurant-resort Dubrovsky is a unique project, located just 15 minutes from the center of Kharkov, a real find for the inhabitants of the metropolis. Agree, it is so important to be able not only to relax in a pleasant home environment, but also to become healthier. FIn the Dubrovsky complex all conditions are created for this purpose.

Here you can come to the restaurant for lunch or for a romantic dinner, visit one of the 5 unique bathhouse estates or spend the whole day outdoors.

The interior of the restaurant is made in the style of a Russian country estate.


Opera restaurant was located in the heart of Kiev, opposite the National Opera of Ukraine. The institution worked in a round-the-clock mode, so it was an ideal place for business lunches as well as for romantic dates. Two floors (lounge-cafe and restaurant), karaoke and summer terraces provided an opportunity to relax truly and tastefully.

The pleasant and light atmosphere of the interior of the Opera restaurant carried you to the south of France, in the Provence region, famous for its magnificent landscapes, cuisine, unusually blue sea and bright sun. The high level of service made it possible to feel the atmosphere of coziness and comfort, and a wonderful panoramic view of the Opera House gave aesthetic pleasure to the guests. The restaurant's decor consisted of many small charming trinkets: candlesticks, vases, antique watches and books. Wooden floors — with cracks characteristic of the Provence style and scuffs, and the furniture facades were stylized as semi antique. As for color solutions, the light pastel scale predomenated here, traditional for the style of Provence: cream and beige, lavender with shades of sea water and the color of bitter dark chocolate.